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We are now accepting appointments. 
 Appointments can be made 2 weeks - 6 months in advance,
Monday - Thursday with a deposit only.
Please bring artwork with you on the day of your service.
Walk-ins are also welcome and are accepted on a first come, first serve basis daily.

11am - 11pm,
7 Days a Week

James and Johan and all of the artists at Fullcolors Tattoos wish to thank all their fans for their support and for making the dream of this shop become a reality.

The shop has the feel of an old school tattoo parlor and the look of a modern gallery. Studio built its foundation on a strictly underground basis and did not seek out the spot light or to be one of the most visible shops in the tattoo world. With no flashy storefront and no advertisements for the shop, word of mouth was the only thing needed to keep the business thriving.

Do tattoos hurt ?
Everyone has their own threshold when it comes to pain. If it really hurt that bad, would you see so many people walking down the street with tattoos ?
Getting tattooed is more irritating and annoying than painful.
How much do tattoos cost ?
The shop minimum is normally $100.00 and our hourly rate for custom work goes between $150.00 to $200 an hour depending on the artist. The artist might be able to give you a flat price on a tattoo as well.
Do I need to leave a deposit if I’m trying to schedule an appointment ?
Deposits are required to make an appointment. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The deposit covers your drawing, secures your appointment, and comes off the final price of your tattoo.  Deposits $100, cash.

Some great artists:
Maurizio b.
meek. D
(Orange, California) March 23rd - 25th - Jon Mesa will be there.
Hell City - (Columbus, Ohio) May 4th - 6th. Nick Wilcox, Andy B, Jon Mesa, Jessica Veprovsky, & Picasso Dular will be there.
Baltimore Tattoo Convention - May 11th - 13th.
Andy B, Lalo Yunda, Jon Mesa and Jess V will be there.
NYC Tattoo Convention - May 18th - 20th.
Lalo Yunda, Nick Wilcox, Andy B, Jon Mesa, Picasso Dular, Jess V, and Matthew Adams will be there. They'll be taking shifts so we'll have who's working what day posted soon.
Mayhem Orlando Tattoo Convention - May 25th - 27th.
Jess V will be there
Ink & Iron (Long beach, California) June 8th - 10th
Lalo Yunda and Jon Mesa will be there
TattooLapalooza - Miami - June 22nd - 24th.
Jess V will be there. (And maybe someone else. Stay tuned!)
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horyigab (hand work)
It's been a busy month here at Sacred. With two openings in the gallery, the NYC tattoo convention, multiple guest artists here, the normal crew rocking out some awesome pieces, things are off to a great start of the warm season!
We'll post pics from the tattoo convention in a day or so.
Here's a few shots of what's going on in the shop today.
Bugs from LA doing some cubism. Go check it out! It's up till May 29th.
Diauan from Taiwan working on a big koi.
Baba from Vintage Tattoo in LA getting set up.
horizen (hand work)
tania. M

Inked for Autism :: APRIL 2nd


Tattoo NYC will be participating in the Inked For Autism fundraiser Saturday, April 2nd. If you'd be willing to get a small puzzle piece tattooed for $100, half of the proceeds will be donated to Autism Speaks.
Feel free to call the studio for more info!
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horishin (hand work)
We pride ourselves in nothing but the best when it comes to quality and expertise is fully health board inspected, all of our tattoo needles are single use and all our instruments and body jewelry are autoclaved for your protection.
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